Americans Not Allowed In Paris

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There will be a new auction every Monday starting at 9am PST.

Proceeds will benefit social justice and climate change organizations.

“I felt incredibly compelled to relaunch this collective, given the times. Since launching Imitation in Spring 2000, I have seen upcycling adopted worldwide by more and more major fashion brands, but without the sustainable plan for the reduction of waste and consumption. COVID-19 has forced us into isolation in ways we never imagined, which has forced us to rethink what we need and do not if we are not socializing. I thought that there was no better time to relaunch this collective because so many of us have spent several weeks—if not months—in our homes.”

Tara Subkoff

Founder and Creative Director

Imitation of Christ has always been self-cast in the role of provocateur.”

“The early-aughts fashion brand stayed true to its eco-conscious roots, with young artists using leftovers from their closets to create the pieces.” Nylon

“Imitation of Christ has been resurrected.”